Girandolo is a high chair, a drawing desk, a rocking chair, a puppet theatre…
Girandolo is a multi-functional piece of furniture for children that is less cumbersome than an ordinary high chair.

Environmentally friendly production guaranteed
The timber comes from PEFC-cultivated forests; adhesives are formaldehyde-free; the paint is produced from a-toxic vegetal and mineral raw materials; and fabrics are 100% bio fair-trade cotton, spun and dyed in Italy by small local textile companies.

Girandolo is not a disposable commodity
It has a marked propensity to become “other”, to be of use for as long as possible. If a part of it breaks, it is possible to purchase a spare component. Girandolo can be re-used, partially or in its totality, recycled and disposed of so not to produce any waste.

Girandolo is designed and self-produced by a designer mom
Is designed to offer a wide range of experiences in the motor and sensory-perceptual
areas of the child, helping to refine coordination, dexterity and response to risk, the fantasy.

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